TeTe Sheila


Sheila McKinley also known at TeTe Sheila is first the daughter and servant of Jesus Christ then a mother of 2 sons, Corey and Reginald and one daughter Shar’Dae, 6 grands and 2 great grands and countless spiritual sons and daughters. She is a renowned prayer warrior that posses a prayer life that has led her to a devine connection with God and she carries an inestimable level of faith that is uncommon to the world. Her prayer ministry reaches to people all over the world. She is a faithful servant in the ministry at Unity Gospel House of Prayer in Milwaukee. She is an intercessory prayer warrior, a mentor to countless men and women. She is a usher and part of the reach out ministry such as men’s and women’s homeless shelters as well as volunteering in whatever capacity that is needed. Sheila is also one of the leaders in the praise dance ministry. Sheila has spoken at women’s conferences and seminars and has done spiritual guidance workshops. She is a women who does not like titles but just likes to be know as aka TeTe Sheila because she feels what she prays and does for others in secret she will be blessed openly. She has been told that her humble and meek spirit and her soft spoken but powerful voice will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat and the room so still you can hear a pin drop in anticipation of what the Holy Spirit is going to speak through her.
This once silent voice is silent no more.

Also, a faithful servant, intercessory prayer warrior, mentor, usher, mentor and leader in praise dance ministry.  Sheila, although she does not like titles has become affectionately known as TeTe Sheila. She feels what she prays and does for others in secret will be blessed openly. Her humble and meek spirit pair with a soft but powerful voice leave you yearning for more.  Join TeTe Sheila as she encourages you!