I Have a Certified Letter for You!

To my child, did you know that I loved you before you were in your mother’s wound? I know the count of every strand of hair that is on your head, I created you in my image and likeness because I wanted you to look & act like me. I never wanted you to feel lonely or be alone so I sent you a comforter to live in you because of the promise that I would never leave you or forsake you. And I told you to cast all your cares and concerns upon me and that I would carry them for you because I don’t want you to be burden down over nothing.

I love you so much that I gave you power over everything!!!! To the point that you can speak those things that are not as thou they were. I designed a peace for you that the world knows nothing about! I hold you so tight at night until the imprint of your face is tattooed in the palm of my hand. I took my time in creating you so uniquely then I placed a spirit of power and love and I added a sound mind. I planned out your life from beginning to end.

I have spoken over your life blessings that will chase you down!

I sealed my love for you when I bore all your sins and sicknesses upon me and carried them to the cross with my life! See only I can do these things for you!!!!

Will you sign with a praise so I know you got his letter!